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Smile is said to be an universal language. A smile can turn strangers into friends and create a lasting effect and plays a big role on shaping up your image But not all of us are blessed with perfect, even teeth. There are some who like it the way it is but for some it creates a lot if confidence issues. We definitely have seen, met people who have gone through orthodontic treatment but in general tongue we calm it "braces”. It is a procedure that straightens or moves teeth for improved appearance as well as to create an improved biting pressure. Here are the lists of FAQs our clients ask about it.


1.Who is a good candidate for it?

You are a good candidate if:

  • You have crowded teeth.
  • There is a lot of gaps between your tooth.
  • If irregular pattern of teeth causes you problems in biting or chewing process.
  • If uneven surface makes it difficult for you to clean your teeth.
  • If you have a prominent teeth on the front of the mouth that sticks out and you wish to correct it.

2. Is it painful?

There will be a slight discomfort while you begin since the foundation of your teeth will be changing and the brace you use will feel unfamiliar but as time passes you will adjust to it.
3.How is it done?

The first step in to come for a consultation with a orthodontist. During your first visit our orthodontist will asses the condition And requirement of your teeth. An x-ray will be taken and measurements will be made to create plates (braces) to fit in your teeth.

4.Is the plate or braces used similar in all cases?

No, first of all each of you need an individualized plan since every person has different requirements. There are different types of plates ranging from removable, fixed, functional, invisible or even a headgear. Our orthodontist will suggest a type after carefully assessing your needs.

5.What is the best age for it?

There is no specific time line for it anyone can go for it as their choice but it is cost effective when it is done after one grown a full set of teeth.

6.How long will it take? Is it the final step?

Since the whole process changes the basic structure of your teeth it usually takes from few months to a 2 years and a half. There will be a period called retainer period after you remove the braces where a equipment called retainer will be used to hold the teeth till the surrounding gum adjust.
7. Will it damage my teeth?

No, but when going for this process one needs to understand that it is a permanent procedure and since there will be external equipment fitted you should provide care. The potential damage is not from the brace itself but your cleaning habits. It may retain food and make cleaning a bit more hard but if you give people care like you require normally like brushing, avoiding to much sugary foods you will be fine and the results if this will be a perfect set of teeth that you always dreamed of and will not be afraid to show off with a smile.