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Even though we at our country don’t give that much importance to dental hygiene and visit doctors only as per need like in case if pain or other issues rather than maintenance dental hygiene is regarded as seriously as other health needs abroad. A person with a set of white teeth is perceived youthful and attractive universally. While having a yellow teeth us not a disease condition and fairly normal, there is no doubt that pearly whites can improve overall look of your face. All the whitening toothpaste and treatments are not a rage allover for no reason. With the advancement of science there is no reason for you to hold back if you are uncomfortable about the shade of your teeth. You can go for whitening treatment without the fear of damage to your teeth.









1.What is dental whitening?

As the name clearly suggests, this process is done to lighten your teeth giving it whiter and healthier appearance. But one needs to understand that it is not completely magical transformation of teeth but rather lightening if shades if teeth.

2.Who is a good candidate for it?

You are a good Candidate if:

  • Your teeth have lost its color due to aging.
  • You have staining of teeth due to tea, coffee or other factors.
  • You have unattractive stains on your teeth due to smoking habits.
  • You are generally unhappy with the color of your teeth and wish to change it.

3. How is it done?

The whitening product will be placed in a tray that fits your mouth exactly then a rubber shield or gel is applied to protect your gums. As the product gets in teeth oxygen gets in the enamel of your teeth making it lighter in color .

4.How long does it take?
It depends on the process you choose .the first step is to visit for consultation and to give measurement for mouth guard . Usually 2 to 3 visits within 3 to 4 weeks is required. Then you will be given instructions to use products at home.

5.What is the difference between home made kits, whitening at clinic and laser whitening?
The first thing you need to understand about this is while whitening at home can be effective but without proper guidelines at home treatments may cause problems than results. Even if the teeth is sensitive, abraded or disturbed it might lead to various dental issues. While whitening at clinic the professional will make sure they do it without damaging the protective enamel layer. Laser whitening is also whitening process but it is done with the use of laser so results are more immediate and it improves the shade of your teeth up to 5/6 times better.

6. Can it be done on a single tooth and what are the side effects?

Yes! It can be performed on a single tooth also. There are very less side effects which too are temporary. You might feel sensitivity during or after treatment but it will subside gradually.
7. How long does it last?

It totally depends upon you and your dental practices. Although not permanent this will last for few years but one needs to be careful about care of teeth. If you go on continuing the same way that got your teeth stained like improper cleaning, excessive consumption of tea, coffee and soda then it won't stay long but with regular brushing and care it will last 2/3 years.