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Not all of us are blessed with perfect set of teeth, few of us have teeth in the shape we don't like while some of us lose tooth due to various causes like accidents and trauma while some of us lose it with age. And some of us have unwanted gaps in between. For those with the wish to change the way your teeth looks or wish to cover the gap in between dental implant is the best choice. Like the name suggests, literally an external implant is introduced to your bone and set of artificial teeth is given which not only covers the gap but also creates a natural even looking smile. Here are the FAQs we get from our clients regarding dental implants:









1. Is it painful?

No, it is done under local anesthesia. It is just like having a dental filling. Once the anesthesia takes effect you won't feel anything.

2.How is it done?

The first step is to assess your teeth then, an implant is placed and the bone in your jaw needs to grow onto them and fuse to them. After they fuse the doctor will place the restoration tooth over the implant.
3.How will I feel after anesthesia wears off?

Since there is no open wound healing is quick and not problematic .You will feel mild discomfort but all that will be taken care by prescribing you painkillers.

4.How long does it take?

The entire process may take from 2 to 9 months depending upon your treatment plan. There are basically 2 phases first is inserting the implant and fusing it to bone and second is when the tooth restoration is attached. The actual procedure however usually takes less than an hour but it may vary according to the location of implant and number of implants required.

5.How long does it last?
Like your natural teeth, it will last for as long as you care for them. Like with normal teeth improper cleaning, too much of sugary foods can it will develop coating similar to what you get on neglected teeth. Even though there is no lifetime guarantee, if taken good care it will last for years.
6. Will it be different than my regular teeth?

No, since the implants are made taking note of your natural teeth most implants look exactly like your natural teeth.
7.Can i get an implant if I already have a natural tooth in that space? and can it be done for each missing tooth?

Yes! If you are unhappy with your natural tooth then you can have an implant after consultation with your doctor also it can de done to each missing tooth .
8. Will it damage my natural teeth?
No! The implants introduced are placed only after careful assessment of your jaw and your dental needs. Plus it is independent and has no direct connection with any other tooth plus, the implant will be grabbed my the jaw just like your regular root will so there is no damage that will be specifically caused by implant.