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General meaning of the word veneer is anything that covers something and makes it look more attractive than already is. That is what it does exactly in terms of your teeth too.

It is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of a tooth like a glove fitting over a hand or a shiny cover of a book that protects the original cover as well as enhances the look of the book. Here are the FAQs about veneer we get from our clients regarding veneer.









1.How does it work?

You are a good candidate if:

  • You want to improve the color of your teeth.
  • You want to improve the shape of your teeth.
  • You want to improve the position of your teeth.
  • If you have a chipped tooth and you want to make it look while again.
  • If you want to close small gaps between teeth for which braces is not suitable or necessary.

2. Does it hurt?
Often the pain is bare minimum and no anesthesia is required but if you feel uncomfortable you can always be provided with local anesthesia.

3. How is it done?

First there will be a consultation session with your doctor discussing your plan. Then, for the actual procedure a little amount of enamel form your tooth may be removed to make sure veneer can be bonded permanently in place later, once the tooth is prepared an impression of your tooth is taken to prepare the veneer and the final step will be fit in the place.

4. How long will it take?

It will take two visits at least where the first visit will be dedicated to prepare the tooth. Assessments like matching shade if your teeth, preparation of veneer to fit you, are done during these visits. On the second visit if you and your care provider are happy with the veneer then it is applied with a special adhesive, which will hold it firmly.

5. How long does it last?

Veneers should last for many years, but they can chip or break just like your natural teeth. Small Chips can be repaired.
Will it look different than my natural teeth? They make your teeth look natural and healthy. Since they are very thin and held by a strong adhesive the changes will not be visible, unless it is a broken tooth or damaged tooth covering then of course it will be different but in a good way
Will it damage my teeth? No! Rather think of it as a protective layer shielding your teeth from external factors. Just like a shield it will prevent the first hand damage to the too layer if teeth and at the same time makes your smile more even and dazzling!