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Everything You Need To Know About Acne Treatment

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Everything You Need To Know About Acne Treatment

Acne is a skin condition that occurs by the blockage of hair follicles from oil and dead skin cells. The accumulation of oil will cause the appearance of pimples which then get infected by bacteria. While acne is not inherently harmful, it does cause scarring and inflammation which can cause people to seek treatments. Mostly, acne is seen in teenagers due to hormonal reasons, but it can afflict people of all ages due to other factors like stress, use of oil-based makeup, or even hot and humid climates. Depending on the severity and persistence of acne, treatments can vary from topical ointments to the use of strong medication.

Aavaran provides a wide range of treatments of acne to people afflicted from mild to severe cases of acne. With the assistance of renowned experts in dermatology, we provide quality treatments to our patients. At Aavaran, we integrate innovative technology and the assistance of highly skilled professionals to create an ideal environment ensuring the provision of top-notch treatment to our patients.

The scarring caused by untreated acne can cause a lot of people lowered self-esteem regarding their appearance. Severe cases of acne can be seriously problematic for a lot of people. With the help of our varied treatments, we can alleviate the recurring problem of acne and can heal the scarring caused by it. We are revolutionizing dermatological treatments by providing acne scar treatments in Kathmandu. We provide a broad scope of treatments like the use of topical ointments; corticosteroid injections; oral antibiotics and contraceptives; as well as the use of isotretinoin. We provide reliable consultations from our team of experts and acclaimed dermatologists to determine the right course of action for our patients’ treatment. Our prioritization of our patients’ needs elevates the standard of skin treatments in Nepal.