Your eyebrows are one of your most important facial features. They are crucial for communication and facial expression, as well as for keeping debris, dirt, and sweat out of your eyes.

Because eyebrows frame the eye and enhance the aesthetic appeal of the face, modifying eyebrow appearance to achieve a desired shape, length, or density is quite common. Many temporary, cosmetic attempts to do this – as with plucking, waxing, threading, eyebrow pencils and brushes, and the like – are time-consuming, expensive, and can even be part of the problem.

If your eyebrows are thin or nonexistent, consider an eyebrow transplant to achieve the full, attractive, healthy brows you crave.

Eyebrow restoration is a type of hair transplant surgery that Dr. Rupak Ghimire performs in our Durbarmarg,Kathmandu,Nepal. At Aavaran Skin, we offer different transplant techniques depending on your needs. We will use scalp grafts for most patients, although grafts from elsewhere on the body are an option for patients whose scalps don’t provide suitable donor follicles.

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During your consultation with Dr. Rupak, you will discuss the results you want to achieve. Many patients bring in photos for ideas. The design is unique to you. The eyebrows’ position, symmetry, and fullness are all tailored to your face and your preferred aesthetic. When you come in for the procedure, Dr. Rupak will outline your desired eyebrow shape with a surgical marker. You can make changes to the outline and give your approval before the surgery begins. Dr.Rupak wants to make sure you’re thrilled with your eyebrows. As with our other hair transplant surgeries, we will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area and ensure your comfort and safety. Dr. Rupak then removes the donor site hair follicles and carefully grafts them to the outlined area. The procedure takes approximately 3 - 4 hours. If the desired outcome is extensive, you may need to return for a second procedure. Precision is key to a successful eyebrow modification. Dr. Rupak takes great pride in the meticulous placement of each individual follicular graft. He makes sure that every single hair has the correct angle and direction, resulting in the eyebrow shape and thickness you desire.

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